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Summerfest - Serve Our City

August 2nd - August 4th, 2018

Summerfest is not possible without you!

Please plan to join us at Training as well:
Thursday, August 2nd, 6:30pm - 8:30pm at HomeBase

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Orting Summerfest - VENDORS

August 4th, 2018

$37.50 - $77

2018 Vendor Agreement

Orting Summerfest is a community event that is open to all; it’s our mission to provide an opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy all that the day has to offer. All vendors and activities must be available to all. We are committed to assisting and serving any customers regardless of age, race or disability.

Event Information:

Summerfest will be held on August 4, 2018 from 10am-5pm in the Orting City Park.

Event Leadership: Orting Summerfest is sponsored and managed by Abundant Life Community Church. Please direct all vendor questions to Karie Franks at

The following are the guidelines and expectations that must be followed by all individuals who rent booth space at Orting Summerfest. These guidelines are considered part of the vendor contract. A signed copy of Vendor Agreement on page 3 must be submitted with the contract and fee to ensure your booth is reserved.

Vendor Retail and Service Booth Spaces: All booths are 10’ X 10’. The vendor is responsible for all canopies, tables, chairs, weights, stakes, tie-downs and extension cords. 110V electricity is provided for an additional fee of $10.00. Booth spaces will be numbered and marked on the ground. Some vendor areas are located on uneven ground; it is the responsibility of the vendor to adjust tables & displays to ensure participant safety. All canopy’s and coverings must be secured to the ground. Vendors must keep all products and signage within the space provided. No products shall overflow beyond the assigned vendor space.

  • Only one vendor per booth.
  • Vendors must provide a description of services on the application. All products, services and information must be consistent with what was submitted on the vendor application.
  • Park in Designated Vendor Parking lot which is located 1 block from parks. You will be sent a parking pass and location information 1 week prior to the event. No vendor parking in event parking area.
  • Vendors that are using electricity will need to bring their own 25ft extension cords.

Application Process:

  • Completed and signed Vendor Application & Agreement
  • Full payment for booth (and electrical fee if applicable)
  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2018
  • Cancellations and Refunds: There will be no refund for fees paid, unless we decline your application. In this case we will offer to either return your payment or shred it.
  • Application Approval: You will receive a confirmation email within 5 business days from when we receive your contract.

We reserve the right to:

  • Refuse space to vendors whose products are deemed inappropriate.
  • Refuse applications in order to protect vendors from product duplication. Multiple vendors from the same company are not permitted. *While booths are designated on a first come, first served basis we will make every effort to spread out similar products and services to maximize exposure for each vendor.
  • Refuse to provide space for the sale or distribution of products or information that are deemed objectionable. Objectionable items include but are not limited to pornography, weapons, adult products. Applications will be denied if we feel they are not family friendly.

Booth Fees: Fees must be paid at the time the contract is submitted to ensure that your reservation is secured. The vendor application includes all applicable fees. (We have paid your permit fee for the City of Orting for you) You will receive a confirmation email within 5 business days from when we receive your contract. We reserve the right to charge a $25.00 fee for all checks that are returned insufficient.

  • $55 for regular booth
  • $10 additional charge for 110V electricity
  • $75 (includes electricity) for Snack Vendor (pop, cotton candy, shave ice, etc.)
  • DISCOUNTS AVAILABE TO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS %50 off all rates with proof of non-profit status submitted with agreement.

Snack Booth vendors are required to have their own Health Permit and are responsible for maintaining all health permit standards. A copy of the permit must be emailed to the coordinator no less than 1 week prior to the event date and must be posted inside the booth along with the required food handler’s card. Vendors should expect a health department inspection. If you do not meet the health standards you may be closed or fined by the health inspector and will not be refunded your registration fee.

Hours of Operation: Summerfest will open to the public on August 5, 2017 at 10:00am and close at 5:00pm. Set-up may begin as early at 7:30 am. Vendor booth locations will be marked in paint in the park. All vendors must open by 10:00am and must be manned throughout the entire day. Break down of the booth may not begin until 4:30pm unless otherwise approved by the Event Coordinator. Food vendors may not begin to break down their booth until 5pm.

Sales Tax and Washington State UBI: Each vendor is responsible for collecting, reporting and paying all Washington State sales tax as governed and required by Washington State Sales Tax Code. Washington State requires a Uniform Business Identifier (UBI). To obtain a UBI contact
WA State Dept. of Revenue at 800-647-7706 or www.dor.wa .gov.

Security: Booth structures and contents, including inventory are the sole responsibility to of the vendor. The management group does not assume responsibility for injury to persons, loss or damage to any property of the vendor, including theft, accidents or acts of God.

Summerfest Restrictions:

  • Alcohol is not allowed
  • No loud music or hawking are allowed within vicinity of your booth.
  • No off site selling, advertising, displaying or sandwich boards allowed.
  • Family friendly behavior must be maintained at all times, those working booths will not use profanity or make suggestive or inappropriate comments at any time

This is a family friendly event, all vendors must conduct themselves in a personable and professional manner. Vendors are expected to treat the park respectfully, as to protect them from being damaged or defaced. Your space is to be left clean and neat upon departure.

Should any vendor at any time behave in a manner, which is hazardous or offensive to the public or other vendors, that vendor may be asked to vacate the premises. The event management team is authorized to remove all property of said vendor at the vendor’s expense and is relieved of any and all loss as a result of such removal and is not responsible for storage or safekeeping of items removed.

Please direct all vendor questions to Karie Franks at

Visit our website for more information


Orting Summerfest - SPONSORS

August 4th, 2018

$102 - $409

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, August 4th from 10am-5pm.

As always the festival entertainment and activities are free family fun for those who attend. We partner with local non-profits to enhance the festival.

One of the things that make Summerfest so special is that there is NO entry fee, NO ticket sales and NO hidden sales pitch. It’s just a bunch of local non-profit groups bringing small town family fun for all ages to Orting.

Because the festival offers so much at NO COST (Free Hot Dogs again this year) we look to our local businesses to get involved by sponsoring various activities. In return when marketing the event we will also advertise the sponsoring businesses and their services leading up to and on the day of the event with flyers, postcards, posters signs, social media and banners throughout Orting.

You are invited to be a 2018 Summerfest Sponsor. If you choose to sponsor an area or booth your company’s sign will be posted letting families know that you made the activity possible and affordable. We also submit an article to the Orting News after the festival to once again thank them publicly for their support. Lastly we publicly post and thank the sponsors on our Facebook page that has over 1000 followers and growing every day.

Take a moment and see the different sponorship levels to consider. If you choose to be a sponsor you can donate right here or contact Director,, Karie Franks at to arrange for someone to come pick up your sponosorship check.

Thank you for joining with us to support the community of Orting.

Visit our Website for more information on Orting Summerfest

Dangerous men retreat

Men of Valor Retreat - Dangerous Men

September 14th - September 16th, 2018


Men of Valor, mark your calendars now!

Join us for our upcoming Retreat, "Dangerous Men"

September 14th - 16th at Camp Koinonia in Cle Elum

This is a weekend for all men to disconnect from day to day responsibilities at home and be strengthened in the word, fellowship and enjoy some delicious food.

Joining us will be guest speaker, Doug Bursch, foursquare pastor and friend of Abundant Life.

There will be a variety of activities to participate in like fishing, hiking, horseshoes and much more.

All we need is your non-refundable deposit of $25 to secure your registration.